NOVELTY Showcase - new elite flowers showroom (powered by: Clamer informa)

The Novelty Showcase

New flower varieties from the main breeders, producers, multipliers available on the market today at a glance. The best new introductions can be found here grouped by Company. If you prefer to search by feature/colour independently from the breeder or producer try the Flower Finder

Clamer informa

A major source of specifically technical information for growers (rather than the more usual mix). Together with the Website great opportunities for synergy between the printed word and Internet are available for news, technical informationand and advertisements. Clamer Informa welcomes enquiries to discuss your interest in the Italian market and how best its services can be placed at your disposal including tailor made iniziatives. Clamer Informa greatly values its independence. If your business wants to share this precious resource, welcome on board


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